Happy new year

Happy new year or ein gutes neues Jahr.

I have been neglecting this blog badly but plan/hope to show it more love in the coming year.

Why have I been neglecting it? The main reason is I lost my funk and excitement for it. I was more excited and charged up to write about Germany before I even got here. Perhaps this was the anticipation and excitement outgrowing the event itself. Or even the fact I was able to do lots of blogging during my final days of employment.

Now I am here in Germany my life has almost settled into a routine. While there is not amazing cultural differences and insights happening every day, there is enough for me to squeeze at least one or two posts per week. I certainly have the time for it.

I will also try to organise things a bit better. Currently everything is mixed together with me blogging about whatever is happening with me, mixed in with the imminently more helpful posts about how to handle getting over and living here.

How will I do this? Well my blog posts will become even more bloggy if that is even a word (spellcheck does not seem to think it is a word and keeps trying to change it to boggy). Anything that is more informative and useful as reference material I will create as an article on another tab of the site.

So speaking of being more bloggy, I am currently writing this post from London. Eva is here for a week for work and my job is to carry her bags during that week. Unfortunately I may already be out of my job as one of her bags never made it to London. I also know how crap this feels when I arrived in Mexico without mine a few months ago.

This is my first time in London and I am very excited to see all the places I heard about whilst growing up in New Zealand. I also am looking forward to getting into some of the traditional English pub food, sweets and deserts. On a different note, I am very much looking forward to being able to just talk to anyone with no language stress, at least on my part.

First impressions though were pretty grim. We flew into London City Airport and took a train into the city. The majority of the view seemed to be of industrial areas and large areas of identical council housing buildings. If I didn’t know it, I could have thought I was in some ex/current communist regime country.

Once we got into the city itself, things looked a whole lot better. London City itself has an amazing mix of beautiful old buildings mixed in with modern glass towers that somehow all fits together. Notwithstanding the fact it is difficult to find a rubbish bin (legacy of the IRA bombings I think) the city still seemed to be really clean.

It is however very busy, as is to be expected. Usually I would be coming from a biggish city myself so hustle and bustle would be no problem. But coming from little old Bamberg to London is a huge difference and one I am struggling a little with.

We will look to do some more touristy activities over the next week and I am sure the real London will show itself.







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