I give up learning German

I give up on learning German…at the current place I am doing lessons that is.

As per my last post things were just not working for me. The price was right but the pace and amount of information we were expected to retain was too much for me.

To give you an idea, we generally went through a chapter a day in our text book. Along with the grammar we needed to learn in each chapter, there were also 25-35 new words to learn too. Learning the words alone would have been more than enough.


I would like to think I gave it a good try. I went for two weeks and tried my best each night to teach myself what I should have learnt during the day. Just when I had my head nearly above the water, another 25-35 words would be dumped on top of me and I would sink into the Deutsche abyss of ß’s ü’s, ö’s, and some ä’s.

It was getting to the point where I was hating the language and I was too fatigued and annoyed to use it with Eva or the Vaders. I also lost a lot of my previous confidence in using the language. This was not exactly the recipe for a happy and constructive learning environment.


We started talking in class about the upcoming test and this is when I made my decision. I knew there was no point in taking the test. I could see I would likely have failed but not before I had put in a lot of effort and pressure on myself to pass. It would have been a big knock to my confidence if this was to happen so why even bother.

So I have not been the last 3 days and it feels great. Speaking German is no longer a chore again and I look forward to learning again at a more appropriate pace for myself.

I feel bad for giving up and am not sure why. It seems to be hammered into people that giving up is a bad thing. You are perhaps weak or did not try hard enough. If something is not working and you are basically running into a wall, surely you need to change something up? And that is what I intend to do.

The new plan

The Vader’s have a friend who run a language school. The problem is that the prices are on a different level to my former school.

To do an intensive course which is also 4 hours a day and 5 days a week is a ball breaking 250 EUR for one week (20 hours). If you go more weeks, this gets a bit better, for example two weeks (40 hours) is 440 EUR.


To compare, my former course was 150 EUR for 100 hours plus I can likely claim half back. To further compare, our rent for a whole month is only a little more than the cost for the two week course.

The other option I have is private one to one lessons with one of the teachers. This option is also not cheap. For each teaching hour it will cost 38.50 EUR. Teaching hours for some reasons are not like real hours and are only 45 minutes long.

I have decided to try the private lessons for a couple of reasons;

  • I don’t want to learn German for 20 hours a week. One to two hours per week with plenty of time for me to practice and also do other things is plenty.
  • I am scarred from my last course and don’t want to be caught again in the same situation for a much higher cost per class
  • I am hoping it will only be for a year at most at which point I could try the integration course again at another provider
  • I am not one to volunteer in class or ask too many questions so I can easily to be overlooked. There is no back row for me to hide in with one to one lessons.

While I write this post I am avoiding finishing the placement test the new school has given me to determine where my German is at. When I get back to it, I hope it is a bit more accurate then the last test which ended up putting me perhaps a level too high.

The exciting news

The exciting news I alluded to in the last post was us becoming more active in the property market. We are on the look out for a multi unit property we can live in and also rent out to add to the growing family empire.

Unfortunately the Bamberg property market seems to move at the pace of an Aldi checkout line. Weeks can go by without any new listings coming up. I have most of the real estate websites saved and when I search Bamberg and see the amount of results, I know before even scrolling down whether there are new ones.

Eventually a new one did appear on Ebay of all places. It was only a 5 minute walk away from the Vaders and was a stand alone building with two big apartments. The price seemed really good at 161,000 EUR.


First impressions inside were mixed. The ground floor apartment was pretty old and would need work to be livable. It had a brown tiled bathroom with a peachy brown sink and bath any Grandma would love. I will be kind on the kitchen as there was none to be unkind too. However, there was the space and the bones for a really good home to be made.


The second floor was much better and somewhere I could have lived while we fixed the place up. But it would have been alone as Eva was not so accepting. The bathroom had been fully renovated and the rest needed a good clean and paint job. There were weird phrases painted on the walls and a red splatter of paint that looked like someone had been shot in the head. I would like to continue to assume it is just paint.


The attic is a really cool and big space. They are not like the attics we have in New Zealand at all which are little more than crawl spaces. These have solid floors with exposed wood beams and are easily big enough to stand up in. The Vaders have renovated their one and they look superb once the beams are sanded and polished. Potentially it could be a third apartment.


The former owner is in his 50s and sounds like he is somewhat eccentric. Along with the weird paint job there were also stacks of model planes, tanks and cars through out the property. There was also a large stack of unmade models still in boxes in the attic. It reminded me of an episode of American Pickers. I hope the kids in Eva’s family likes models because that is all they would be getting as presents for many years to come.

The property was listed for purchase by closed tender. We really did not know what sort of price to offer. We did know that the advertised price was never going to be enough. In the end, we did not have to decide. Because of time constraints, the bank gave us a maximum amount we could bid without further formalities. The maximum was below what we wanted to go in at so we just bid this maximum.


When I wrote about our exciting news I was hoping by the time I wrote this, we would be the proud new owners, We were told because so many people made offers, they would not be contacting people who were unsuccessful. It is now 4 days past the final date for putting an offer in so it is likely we are not the new owners.

On the bright side, the head shot splatter, the brown on peach bathroom and the hermit’s models are not my problem. Plus we don’t have to move again when we have only just become settled here.

Bis zum nächsten Mal





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