Top 5 German foods I cannot live without

There are many German foods I have fallen in love with over the years. Unfortunately my favorites are all really bad for you so my title is an outright lie. … Continue Reading →


My birthday present

I am not a fan of my own birthday. I certainly like presents and and eating my favorite food on the day. However I dislike the attention being focused on … Continue Reading →


I give up learning German

I give up on learning German…at the current place I am doing lessons that is. As per my last post things were just not working for me. The price was … Continue Reading →


More immigration fun and the integration course

It has been a little while longer than my usual time for new posts and for this I apologise. A lot has been going on and my usual free time … Continue Reading →

Where do we live in Germany?

I actually thought a lot about whether I would write where we live in Germany hence the long delay. Who knows why? Will the many visitors to this site try … Continue Reading →