I have a new job

Guten Tag, Morgen or Abend depending on when you are reading this. I will briefly acknowledge I have failed miserably at my goal of posting more regularly and of getting … Continue Reading →

Happy new year

Happy new year or ein gutes neues Jahr. I have been neglecting this blog badly but plan/hope to show it more love in the coming year. Why have I been … Continue Reading →

How to keep training in a German winter

You may remember I wrote about having a slow burning desire to compete with (and against) Eva in Triathlon. Well a little over a month ago that slow burning desire … Continue Reading →

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming and as I have lived (survived) through my first Autumn in Germany, I can see myself looking forward to Christmas a lot more here than I normally … Continue Reading →

German Cellars

German cellars are what we in New Zealand and Australia call basements. However, apart from the fact they are both located at the bottom of a building, that is where … Continue Reading →